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Meta Runner: behind the scenes

Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul, creators of the hit YouTube series Meta Runner, discuss the second season and their popularity on the social platform.

When he first started out on YouTube uploading Mario 64 videos, Luke Lerdwichagul had no idea it would be the origins for a content creation business. His older brother Kevin, who now runs Glitch Productions with Luke, shares the same disbelief.

“I have moments every day where I look at Luke and I go ‘how did we get here? How are we here right now?!’” wonders Kevin. “Yeah, it’s very surreal,” concurs Luke.

Once the brothers saw an illustration their little sister had drawn of a female animated character, they knew this would be their protagonist for their first narrative series Meta Runner, which launched on YouTube in July 2019 and has amassed over 14.6 million views.

Now a year on and with the second season recently released, the brothers reflect on where they’ve come from, how they’ve grown into content creators and the lessons they’ve learned as storytellers.

Meta Runner season one is available to view on their SMG4 YouTube channel while season two is releasing weekly on their Glitch YouTube channel.