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Colour Blind: behind the scenes

Former Home & Away star Tai Hara steps into the director’s chair with Colour Blind, a new comedic web series based on his own experiences in casting rooms.

Tai Hara always knew he wanted to explore those awkward situations he had experienced throughout auditions, but didn’t quite know how.

The answer came in the form of web series Colour Blind, told from the perspective of an earnest white casting associate who advocates for ethnicity. Once that decision was made, Hara says things moved very quickly.

“We made the series for a really minimal amount of money. It was a couple of hundred dollars out of my own pocket and calling in lots and lots of favours.”

Hara had no shortage of cringe-worthy moments to draw upon for inspiration.

“[From] people asking me to speak different languages that I don’t know to people mistaking my ethnicity or even the smallest thing of people asking me my ethnicity and then using it as a tick on a box.”

All five episodes of Colour Blind are available on YouTube here