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The Secrets She Keeps: scene breakdown

Director Jennifer Leacey explains her process behind a pivotal sequence from episode three of the hit TV series The Secrets She Keeps.

In this new ‘scene breakdown’ series, filmmakers talk about their creative process and provide a unique insight into the making of a scene from their film or series.

The video is heavy on the spoilers so before you watch this scene breakdown, make sure you watch The Secrets She Keeps first, which is available to stream on 10 Play

In this episode, director Jennifer Leacey discusses her approach to filming in a real hospital.

“Because we had very limited time in the real hospital, I had to go in there with a very clear plan,” explains Leacey. “So this sequence wasn’t so much storyboarded, but it was completely mapped out.”

Leacey gives an in-depth explanation on production design: from the decision behind the colour of the curtains, to giving specific notes to the cast and the perils of working with newborn babies.

“In ep three the baby is born to ep 6, so 4 episodes… and it [the series] goes from newborn to maybe, three months old, there was something like 72 different babies used,” Leacey reveals.

Leacey also explains her reasons for using low angles for certain shots and how she managed to get a camera mount onto a crib, all the while ensuring the baby was protected.