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Eden: behind the scenes

Director Peter Andrikidis talks about the talents of the young cast in the new Stan Original series Eden.

For director Peter Andrikidis, working with new talent is something he always relishes and he has high praise for the leading actresses in the new series Eden.

“Sophie Wilde who’s virtually straight out of NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) – twenty-three – she’s just got it. She’s so fresh and risk-taking and her choices are amazing as an actor. Her look – everything about her, her voice, is just incredible,” Andrikidis explains.

“Bebe [Bettencourt]’s similar… has this incredible voice as well and also, just so focused,” Andrikidis continues.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Andrikidis highlights the importance of having new writers in the industry, the wonderful script by Vanessa Gazy that convinced him to be a part of this series and the in-camera tricks director of photography Geoffrey Hall utilised for the flashback sequences.

Eden is available to stream now on Stan.