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All My Friends Are Racist: behind the scenes

Director Bjorn Stewart discusses the craft of comedy and pushing boundaries in the new ABC iview comedy series All My Friends Are Racist.

For All My Friends are Racist director Bjorn Stewart, comedy is not limited to those who are naturally funny. Rather, it’s a skill that anyone can develop.

“Everybody can do comedy and it’s just about honing that craft. It’s a skill. Like anything else, it’s a muscle,” Bjorn, who has also held acting or writing roles on At Home Alone Together and Black Comedy, explains.

Stewart was particularly excited to be aboard the new series All My Friends are Racist so he could be a part of a younger generation First Nations story.

“Millennial and Gen Z inner-city, Indigenous kids - we don’t really hear that side much…” says Stewart. “There’s a lot of us out there that really want to tell that story – well, our story of what it’s like being, you know, what I’d say ‘Urban Black’. We don’t see much of that [on TV].”

In this behind the scenes video, Stewart discusses pulling back on pushing comedic boundaries, challenging audiences and instances of capturing comedy gold that weren't planned.

All My Friends Are Racist available to stream on ABC iview.