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Lantana: 20 years on

Leah Purcell reflects on her time making the classic Australian film, Lantana.

On the 4th of October 2001 an intimate domestic murder mystery drama was released in cinemas and managed to capture the world’s attention. For one of the actors in particular, Leah Purcell, it was the start of a mentoring relationship she built with director Ray Lawrence that continues to this day.

“It was my first feature film,” remembers Purcell. “And apparently Ray [Lawrence] said that I was the ten thousandth actor that came through the door for the role. He might’ve been stretching that number a little bit.”

For Purcell, she only has wonderful memories of that time and shares them in this behind-the-scenes video where she discusses working with the other cast members like Anthony LaPaglia and Kerry Armstrong and sneaking into cinemas to watch the audience’s reactions.

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