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Podcast – Everything you need to know about film marketing

Three experts on screen marketing break down everything.

Splice of Anthony Grundy, Demi Hopkins and Michael Matrenza's headshots.

Anthony Grundy, Demi Hopkins, Michael Matrenza

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Start early.

When it comes to marketing, this key piece of advice is repeated by Screen Australia Distribution Manager Anthony Grundy, Madman Entertainment Senior Marketing Manager Michael Matrenza and Carnival Studio’s Demi Hopkins.

In the latest episode of the Screen Australia Podcast, each of the three guests discuss what marketing can do for your project, why you should be thinking about it even before the cameras start rolling and practical steps you can take to identify your audience and know what assets you need. While Grundy provides a screen agency perspective and advice for those applying to Screen Australia, Matrenza is able to speak from a distributor’s point of view at Madman Entertainment, and Hopkins – who developed A Practical Guide to Key Art (see here) – dives into the do’s and don’ts of key art.

“I think the biggest takeaway for the producer is to really think about the marketing needs of the film, because they are vital,” Grundy says. “Budget accordingly, give time in the schedule to capture this – it absolutely pays off down the line – and early strategy and collaboration with the partners is the way to achieve this.”

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