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TikTok Creator Series: advice for filmmakers

Three creative teams share their experiences making and releasing their series on the social media platform.

In a few short years, TikTok has become a dominant force in the social media landscape. No longer limited to dance videos and quirky trends, filmmakers are flocking to the platform to tell their stories and reach new audiences.

In this two-part video series, three creative teams share their experiences and offer advice on how to utilise TikTok to work to your advantage.

Part One: Making It

In Part One: Making It, the creatives explain the power of hashtags, how TikTok’s algorithm allows a longer shelf life for videos and the logistics that need to be considered when filming with the vertical frame.

Part Two: Sharing It

In Part Two: Sharing It, the teams discuss trends and how to implement them as best you can, as well as release schedules and how audiences interact on the platform.

The three projects featured are:

The Formal - Hannah-Rae Meegan (Writer/Director) & Monique Terry (Writer/Director)

Sextistics - Susan James (Director/Producer) & Esme James (Writer/Director/Producer)

Krystal Klairvoyant - Huna Amweero (Writer/Producer) & Erin Good (Creator/Writer/Producer)