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How To Please A Woman: behind the scenes

Writer/director Renee Webster reveals how her curiosity about a small personal services business served as inspiration for her feature film debut, How To Please A Woman.

When writer/director Renee Webster came across a particular Australian company, she immediately knew there was a story to be told about it.

“I heard about a company in Australia which ran sexual services for women. I was just a bit interested in who were these women who run this company and who are their clients. And the women who ran the company described themselves as housewives…” Webster says. “ I contacted them and we spoke at length.”

In this behind-the-scenes video, Webster also explains her desire to show female characters truthfully on screen and without referencing the usual tropes of ageing and parenthood, how she managed to cast leading actress Sally Phillips and how Screen Australia's Gender Matters intiative provided the impetus for her to develop her idea further.

How To Please A Woman is released in cinemas nationally from 19 May 2022.