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Podcast – Producer Offset explainer

Understand the recent changes to the Producer Offset, Screen Australia’s updated guidelines, tips for applying and more.

Michele McDonald and Graeme Mason sitting at a table recording the Screen Australia podcast.

Michele McDonald and Graeme Mason

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In December 2021, there were changes to legislation governing the Producer Offset, the refundable tax rebate that Screen Australia administers on behalf of the Federal Government.

On the latest episode of the Screen Australia podcast, Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason and Michele McDonald, the Producer Offset and Co-Production Unit (POCU) Senior Manager, talk through these changes as well as the updated Screen Australia guidelines, key areas assessors look at, the most common mistakes they see in applications (and how it holds up the process), as well as advice on everything from getting your Final Certificate to general ledgers.

“The Producer Offset is essential to the Australian screen production sector, both to getting content made and to the viability of businesses,” Mason says, adding it is “extremely competitive” compared to offsets in other parts of the world.

“But the key distinction here is the government decided to do it where it was meant to vest in the production entity to help them build their business, so it’s meant to give them something beyond just the immediate cashflow in the project. It’s meant to be down the line, they’ll still be sharing in revenue.”

For more information regarding the Producer Offset visit the funding and support page here

This podcast is also available to watch as a vodcast on Screen Australia’s YouTube Channel.