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Finding Yeezus - behind the scenes

Co-creators and presenters Alexei Toliopoulos and Cameron James reveal the pressure they imposed upon themselves to solve an internet gaming mystery in their new web series Finding Yeezus.

Alexei Toliopoulos and Cameron James are journalism dropouts-turned-comedians who like to solve pop culture mysteries. Their previous two podcasts – Finding Drago and Finding Desperado – proved successful not only with audiences but also in cracking the cases.

Their new journey down the rabbit hole is Finding Yeezus, where they attempt to find the creator of a game called Kanye Quest 3030 which is believed by many to have been created by a cult or belief called Ascensionism.

Partnering with Aunty Donna’s production company Haven’t You Done Well Productions, the sleuthing duo decided to turn their new mystery into a visual storytelling experience via a web series and furthermore, raise the stakes in attempting to solve a mystery that people all over the globe had been trying to do for years.

“We solved a couple of mysteries where no one else has ever tried to solve them,” explains Toliopoulos, referring to their previous podcasts. “This time we’re putting our skills to the test on an actual big mystery that no one’s been able to crack.”

In this behind-the-scenes video, Toliopoulos and James talk about their transition from podcasting to a visual medium, the pressures of an 11-day shooting schedule and how their friendship with Mark Bonanno proved pivotal in their research.

Finding Yeezus is available to watch on the Grouse House YouTube channel.