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Documentary at Screen Australia

This showcase celebrates some of the documentary productions that have garnered recent acclaim and dazzled audiences.

Since its inception in 2008, Screen Australia has funded the development and production of Australian documentary content for the cinema, television and online (including virtual reality). The agency funds documentaries about Australia and its people and Australian creators telling world stories.

For more information about the Documentary department and how to apply, please visit the funding page here.

For more information on Screen Australia's Documentary team see here.

Titles in order of appearance:

  1. Harley & Katya
  2. Knowing the Score
  3. The Giants
  4. Asking For It
  5. The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone
  6. Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow
  7. Strange Beasts
  8. The Australian Wars
  9. Me & My Tourette’s
  10. Who I Am
  11. Because We Have Each Other
  12. Whatever Scares You
  13. Everybody’s Oma
  14. Embrace Kids
  15. Miriam Margolyes Australia Unmasked
  16. The Last Daughter
  17. Who The Bloody Hell Are We?
  18. Watandar – My Countryman
  19. Stuff The British Stole
  20. Kutcha’s Koorioke
  21. Woven Threads: Stories From Within
  22. Freedom Swimmers
  23. Ningaloo Nyinggulu
  24. Franklin
  25. Australia’s Wild Odyssey
  26. You Can Go Now
  27. Better Date Than Never