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Podcast – Ian Murray: creating a sustainable business

113 Partners CEO Ian Murray on how creatives can be strategic with their business, no matter the size or stage it's at.

Ian Murray

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To create a sustainable business – any business, not just a screen business – 113 Partners CEO Ian Murray says people need to wrap their head around the concept of cashflow.

For more than 20 years, Murray has been either running or working as a strategic adviser to Australian creative businesses and says while many creative people balk at the sight of numbers on a statement, an understanding of them is critical.

“From a sustainability perspective, the main thing that people need to be aware of is just how cash is going to flow through their business. So what is going to actually generate revenue? How regularly is that going to occur? And are there ways of having multiple income streams that are going to help support the business?” he says.

But sustainability is not just about financials.

“At a human level, it's also around then finding something which you can actually enjoy and which is going to keep getting you up in the morning… because if you find yourself grinding away, doing something which is making you miserable, that's not sustainable either.”

Throughout the podcast, Murray talks about the make-up of various businesses - from sole traders to large companies, the questions creatives should be asking themselves to achieve a sustainable business, common issues, advice for funding grant applications, when to scale up, when to engage with a consultant, and more.

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