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Night Bloomers – Behind the Scenes

Creator, co-writer and director Andrew Undi Lee explores horror and humour in the new Korean-Australian anthology series, Night Bloomers.

Andrew Undi Lee had many themes he wanted to explore using traditional Korean folklore as his inspiration. As the series developed, it was clear to him and the writing team that delving into the horror genre  was an obvious approach.

“When it comes to horror and Korean culture - in our tradition and folklore storytelling, intersecting with our… essentially, terrible history… We’ve [Korea] gone through a lot of wars. We’ve been colonised. We’ve had a lot of trauma…” Lee explains. “It [horror] was a way to cope with a lot of the trauma that was happening.”

In this behind-the-scenes video, Lee also discusses the significance of food in Korean culture and to the narrative, designing the blue goblin and how it differs from traditional Western monsters and his hopes for audiences to get a scare this Halloween.

Night Bloomers airs on SBS Viceland 28 October 2023 and is available to stream on SBS on Demand.