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Unerased – Behind the Scenes

Writer and director AP Pobjoy talks about the personal impact making the online documentary series, Unerased had on them.

Creating a 17-part online documentary series featuring nine transgender teenagers filming themselves during a year of schooling was an undertaking director AP Pobjoy knew not to take lightly.

“Directing nine teenagers across the country, remotely, for over a year was definitely… one of the most ambitious journeys I’ve ever gone on as a director,” Pobjoy reveals.

Not only was Pobjoy guiding the teenagers throughout filming, they ensured that the talent were involved in every step of the process.

“I think the nature of documentary is changing,” Pobjoy believes. “Our subjects are actually becoming our teammates and are becoming more and more behind the camera, and I think that process should be embraced.”

In this behind-the-scenes video, Pobjoy discusses the process of casting the nine teenagers, the reasons why they wanted to make the series and how the overwhelmingly positive response from audiences since its premiere in August 2023 has given them hope for the future.

Unerased is available to watch on the Minus18 Instagram and TikTok platforms.