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Shippers – behind the scenes

Joanna Beveridge delves into the online world of shipping for her new series, Shippers.

Taken from the word ‘relationship,’ a shipper is someone who is a fan of romantic relationships between characters of a film or series, or wishes for certain characters to be together and share their hopes online.

For Joanna Beveridge, shippers had been covered in mainstream media previously but they were often portrayed as male.

“The reason I wanted to talk about shipping was because I had seen a lot of really awesome fanboys on-screen,” Beveridge explains. “Like Seth Cohen, the Big Bang Theory guys, Peter Parker… but I hadn’t seen a lot of females that I resonated with.”

In this behind-the-scenes videos, Beveridge discusses her approach to portraying the online experience visually through graphics and in-camera techniques and her battles with imposter syndrome.

Shippers is available to stream on YouTube.