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Articles by Caroline Baum

    • Location, location, location

      The landscape has a starring role in Foxtel’s new drama series The Kettering Incident. Shot entirely in southern Tasmania, the eight part series is described by producers as a mystery with otherworldly tones which fits right in with the Modern Gothic genre associated with the island’s haunting beauty. Early glimpses of the show suggest it has a look similar to the empty majestic landscapes that were such a strong element in Top of the Lake.

      14 Jun 2016
      By Caroline Baum
    • Celebrating screenwriter Laura Jones

      She’s one of the most accomplished women in film, but Laura Jones hates being the centre of attention.

      09 Mar 2016
      By Caroline Baum

      Never underestimate the intern. That’s one take-home message from Cleverman, the six part drama series that premieres at the Berlinale Film Festival before its ABC TV debut later this year.

      10 Feb 2016
      By Caroline Baum
    • Spear: Bangarra’s venture onto the silver screen

      When Robert Connolly picked Bangarra Artistic Director Stephen Page to direct Sand – one of the episodes of the film adaptation of Tim Winton’s The Turning – he brokered a marriage between an established dance talent and another medium.

      07 Oct 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Graphic Scenes: Mambo Australiano!

      Some ideas are so obvious that everyone jumps on board at hello. That was the case with Mambo: Art Irritates Life, an irreverent playful high octane documentary about one of Australia’s most successful brands – an unlikely, subversive collision of music, art and zeitgeist that took on the world.

      16 Sep 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Stage to screen: theatre directors turn to film

      While novels have been a longstanding staple of screen material, this year sees an unprecedented number of stage plays translated to film by some of the most established names in theatre.

      04 Aug 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Drawing breath: Simon Baker

      Sporting a dishevelled look of longer hair and a beard that sent his legion of admirers into a frenzy at Cannes recently, Baker shares some thoughts about his latest project Breath.

      15 Jul 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Man about town: Patrick Brammall

      He is, without a doubt, having his moment: Patrick Brammall, 37 is on our big and small screens this month with both Ruben Guthrie and Glitch and Australian audiences can’t seem to get enough of him.

      14 Jul 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Airlock launches online

      Airlock may be set in a claustrophobic space station, but producer Enzo Tedeschi knows how to breathe fresh air into the sometimes stale atmosphere of film marketing.

      01 Jul 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Multicultural casting: Miranda Tapsell triggers groundswell

      When Miranda Tapsell accepted her Logie awards she triggered a tidal wave of support.

      03 Jun 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Tackling the Anzac legend

      Jacquelin Perske on the challenges of Deadline Gallipoli.

      12 May 2015
      By Caroline Baum
    • Couture in a country town: The Dressmaker

      The art of the seamstress requires perfectionism and patience – qualities also required in a film producer.

      08 May 2015
      By Caroline Baum
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