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Tag: producer

    • Documentary – 2003 vs 2018

      Liz Stevens' 15 years of expertise forms the basis of this analysis of the past decade and a half in the documentary sector.

      31 Jul 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Documentary – 2003 vs 2018 - Part 1: financing

      What's being commissioned for TV and the introduction of PEP.

      31 Jul 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Showrunning Dead Lucky

      Showrunners Drew Proffitt and Ellie Beaumont discuss creating, producing and writing the new four-part crime series Dead Lucky for SBS.

      27 Jul 2018
      By Chris Butel
    • Podcast – Producing Genre: Kylie du Fresne

      Australian producer Kylie du Fresne from Goalpost Pictures on Upgrade, the genre feature she produced with Jason Blum.

      18 Jul 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Brothers' Nest: behind the scenes

      Director, producer and one of the stars of Brothers' Nest, Clayton Jacobson, shares his experience making the film.

      20 Jun 2018
      By Chris Butel
    • Funding for two female filmmakers to attend AIMC

      Creative Content Australia and Screen Australia are funding two female producers to attend the 2018 Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC).

      05 Jun 2018
      By Screen Australia
    • Advice for Australian producers in 2018

      Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner discusses the opportunities and challenges for Australian producers in 2018.

      23 May 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Breaking Bad's Mark Johnson: appreciating Australia

      How Academy Award® and Emmy®-winning US producer Mark Johnson of Rain Man and Breaking Bad brought Tim Winton’s Breath to the big screen.

      08 May 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Breath: behind the scenes

      The cast and crew of Breath share their experience making Simon Baker's adaptation of Tim Winton's classic novel.

      04 May 2018
      By Chris Butel
    • Jo Porter: the evolution of Australian TV

      Executive Producer Jo Porter shares her experience developing Picnic at Hanging Rock, the evolution of Australian television and how our stories can perform overseas.

      02 May 2018
      By Chris Butel
    • Simon Baker: multitasking on Breath

      Director Simon Baker on making an Australian first-time feature after two decades acting in the US.

      30 Apr 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Jo Porter: selling Aussie TV overseas

      In an increasingly crowded marketplace Picnic at Hanging Rock producer Jo Porter is looking for ideas that are bold enough to cut through.

      26 Apr 2018
      By Caris Bizzaca