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Tag: producer

    • Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears: behind the scenes

      Actor Essie Davis and producers Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox talk about the release of Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears.

      19 Feb 2020
      By Scott Gillies
    • Hear from the experts

      Of the 17 podcast episodes released in 2019 by Screen Australia, here are just a few of the highlights from recent guests.

      18 Dec 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Q&A: Martha producer on the state of doco

      Producer Daniel Joyce on Martha: A Picture Story, the importance of festivals for documentaries, plus commissions vs acquisitions.

      27 Nov 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Podcast – Alastair McKinnon: Matchbox Pictures

      Learn how much time projects take to develop, how to find the right ‘home’ to pitch to, pitching tips, and more.

      16 Oct 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Blackfella Films: Total Control and stories that resonate

      From First Australians to Redfern Now and soon Total Control, producer Darren Dale on making TV that matters.

      11 Oct 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Making documentary in Australia

      In this video series, we speak to six documentary makers at varying stages of their career and creative backgrounds, about the realities of making content in Australia.

      30 Sep 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Animals: behind the scenes

      Animals director/producer Sophie Hyde describes the process of adapting Emma Jane Unsworth’s novel of the same name to the screen.

      11 Sep 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Podcast – Roadshow Rough Diamond

      Producers John and Dan Edwards on Les Norton and keeping up with the changes in Australian TV.

      04 Sep 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • A tale of two Co-Pros

      The Australian producers of Animals and The Australian Dream share their Official Co-production experience.

      03 Sep 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Australian Female Filmmakers

      We shine a spotlight on the careers of top Australian writers, directors, and producers.

      23 Aug 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Podcast – Joanna Werner: Gender Matters

      Producer Joanna Werner talks through the Gender Matters KPI alongside her thoughts on the industry.

      21 Aug 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Podcast – Producer Offset

      Expert advice on the Producer Offset – the tax rebate for Australian content.

      01 Aug 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca