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Tag: fun

    • Top 10 Strictly Ballroom quotes

      The year was 1992. Paul Keating was our Prime Minister, the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart topped the ARIA Charts.

      29 Apr 2019
      By Catrin Shaw
    • Crikey! Top Aussie crocs from film & TV

      Never smile at a crocodile... except when looking at these GIFs.

      16 Jan 2018
      By Screen Australia
    • Tis the season for Aussie holiday GIF(T)S

      In the spirit of Aussie summer holidays, we've packaged you up some festive GIF(t)s. You're welcome.

      01 Dec 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Aaron 'gocsy' Gocs takes over Screen News

      Five-part web series Gocsy's Classics is hitting Comedy Central and to celebrate, Gocsy gets all nostalgic with his Top 10 Aussie TV shows.

      15 Nov 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Top 10 Priscilla Quotes

      The top 10 quotes from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

      02 Nov 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Top 10 Muriel’s Wedding quotes

      Can you believe it’s been almost 25 years since Muriel Heslop waved goodbye to Porpoise Spit while ABBA’s Dancing Queen pumped in the background?

      19 Jun 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • David Stratton's top five Australian films

      Film critic David Stratton lists his top five Australian films ahead of the release of documentary David Stratton: A Cinematic Life.

      07 Mar 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • 9 Aussie road movies

      To celebrate the imminent release of A Few Less Men, we take a look at nine Aussie films that hit the road – some driven by fear, others by grief, laughter, freedom or family.

      03 Mar 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Hugo Weaving's top Australian films

      We asked Jasper Jones actors Hugo Weaving and Aaron McGrath to name their top Australian films – here’s what they answered when put on the spot.

      23 Feb 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Order! Order! 9 Aussie courtrooms on screen

      With Newton’s Law set to air, we look at nine times Australia’s legal system has been Exhibit-A on screens.

      08 Feb 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • 13 times non-Aussies tried to sound 'Strayan

      We take a look at 13 times actors who weren’t Australian attempted the notoriously difficult accent – with varying degrees of success.

      16 Jan 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca

      Toby Wallace says it’s important for young Aussies to see themselves reflected, whether it’s in films like Boys in the Trees or TV shows like Puberty Blues.

      19 Oct 2016
      By Caris Bizzaca
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