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Tag: filmmaking

    • Local content: policy, pressure points, options, impacts - Part 4: Other big themes and observations

      Co-production treaties, low wages, poor mental health, inadequate training, foreign workers and intellectual property are all raised in submissions.

      08 Sep 2017
      By Sandy George
    • Australia at Venice 2017

      Sweet Country has premiered in Venice to critical acclaim and a standing ovation but director Warwick Thornton is just relieved that people have finally seen the film.

      07 Sep 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Stratton from Venice

      Venice Film Festival jury member David Stratton speaks from Italy about Warwick Thornton’s Sweet Country, his reviewing career, his greatest achievements and his earliest movie memory.

      06 Sep 2017
      By Helen Barlow
    • Aquarius Films: from Lion to TV comedy

      Aquarius Films producer Angie Fielder talks about the company expanding from features such as Lion and Berlin Syndrome into TV with Stan’s Matt Okine comedy The Other Guy.

      18 Aug 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Directing Daniel Radcliffe in Jungle

      Arclight producer Gary Hamilton on getting horror director Greg McLean on board for their survivalist thriller Jungle and casting Daniel Radcliffe as the lead.

      04 Aug 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Podcast – Gender Matters

      Where are we at in tackling gender disparity in the screen industry?

      20 Jul 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Celebrating Indigenous screen stories

      In 2018, Screen Australia's Indigenous Department will turn 25.

      06 Jul 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Busan Festival selector visits Australia

      In the week commencing 3 July 2017, Screen Australia will host Dosin Pak, the World Cinema programmer for Busan International Film Festival.

      28 Jun 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Ari Wegner: The Kettering Incident to Lady Macbeth

      Cinematographer Ari Wegner on her career, process, and the camera choices that informed The Kettering Incident and new feature Lady Macbeth.

      28 Jun 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Ari Wegner: a career behind the lens

      Acclaimed Australian cinematographer Ari Wegner walks us through her career, from Cannes-selected short film Night Shift, to Tasmanian-shot TV The Kettering Incident, to features such as Ruin, and Lady Macbeth.

      23 Jun 2017
      By Screen Australia
    • Jonathan Teplitzky: a director's vision

      How director Jonathan Teplitzky’s love of photography led him into cinema and creating the likes of Churchill, The Railway Man and Gettin’ Square.

      31 May 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Hounds of Love: plotting 30 festival releases

      Producer Melissa Kelly walks us through the film festival release strategy for thriller Hounds of Love and the Western Australian talent that helped make the film a reality.

      30 May 2017
      By Caris Bizzaca