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  • Fury Road: a new desert storm

    Mad Max: Fury Road editor Margaret Sixel on the practicalities of recreating George Miller’s famous dystopian world.

    04 May 2015
    By Caroline Baum
  • Couture in a country town: The Dressmaker

    The art of the seamstress requires perfectionism and patience – qualities also required in a film producer.

    08 May 2015
    By Caroline Baum
  • Man about town: Patrick Brammall

    He is, without a doubt, having his moment: Patrick Brammall, 37 is on our big and small screens this month with both Ruben Guthrie and Glitch and Australian audiences can’t seem to get enough of him.

    14 Jul 2015
    By Caroline Baum
  • Drawing breath: Simon Baker

    Sporting a dishevelled look of longer hair and a beard that sent his legion of admirers into a frenzy at Cannes recently, Baker shares some thoughts about his latest project Breath.

    15 Jul 2015
    By Caroline Baum
  • One-man show to feature film: Sucker

    Australian feature film Sucker has its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August. It's come a long since its beginnings as a one-man stage show.

    29 Jul 2015
    By Screen Australia
  • Tragedy or coming-of-age? Where we’re at with film distribution

    Never has it been more challenging to do what we do. But just what the future holds for the Australian film industry is up to us. Put simply, we have a choice – evolve or risk becoming obsolete.

    30 Jul 2015
    By Rebekah Devlin
  • Stage to screen: theatre directors turn to film

    While novels have been a longstanding staple of screen material, this year sees an unprecedented number of stage plays translated to film by some of the most established names in theatre.

    04 Aug 2015
    By Caroline Baum
  • Director Paul Cox on Force of Destiny

    Paul Cox says he's always being accused of making films about his own life – to which he says, that’s the closest source of inspiration we have.

    25 Aug 2015
    By Emma Carroll
  • Maya Newell and the documentary everyone is talking about: Gayby Baby

    Maya Newell’s feature documentary Gayby Baby follows four children with gay parents – Ebony, Gus, Graham and Matt – on their tricky path through adolescence against the backdrop of a growing marriage equality debate.

    01 Sep 2015
    By Screen Australia
  • Crime caper with a game changing campaign: Kill Me Three Times

    Kill Me Three Times is an Aussie crime caper that harks back to Ozploitation and heralds a new age for film marketing at the same time.

    09 Sep 2015
    By Emma Carroll
  • Call for scripts for the Family Film Initiative

    At a time when Oddball has delivered over $4.5 million at the box office after only two weekends, Screen Australia is seeking to encourage experienced writers to consider family film through the creation of the Family Film Initiative.

    06 Oct 2015
    By Screen Australia
  • Spear: Bangarra’s venture onto the silver screen

    When Robert Connolly picked Bangarra Artistic Director Stephen Page to direct Sand – one of the episodes of the film adaptation of Tim Winton’s The Turning – he brokered a marriage between an established dance talent and another medium.

    07 Oct 2015
    By Caroline Baum