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  • Women below the line

    Where does gender disparity in the Australian screen industry start?

    15 May 2019
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • Why Screen Australia backs the films it does

    Head of Production Sally Caplan explains the thinking behind Screen Australia’s feature film investments and grants.

    14 Feb 2018
    By Sandy George

    Sixteen relatively recent Australian television dramas have earned more than $1 million each in gross revenue and nearly $43 million as a group, mostly from abroad.

    28 Jun 2016
    By Sandy George & Bernadette Rheinberger
  • The Producer Offset: why there’s a watching brief on films and reinvestments

    Ten years after its introduction the Producer Offset (PO) is proving invaluable to producers not accessing any other government funding. But there are concerns.

    19 Oct 2018
    By Sandy George

    Sales agents give the low-down on what they want, the reasoning behind some of their recent Australian acquisitions, and more.

    19 Oct 2016
    By Sandy George
  • The Drama Report: a record has been smashed

    Foreign films pushed up activity, TV hours have shrunk over time, local film numbers have grown, and there’s a lot of tangled threads.

    31 Oct 2017
    By Sandy George
  • The China connection

    The Australia-China screen relationship is deepening in features, children’s programming and documentaries. Let's look into why.

    01 Mar 2016
    By Don Groves
  • The Black List USA: Calling Aussie Screenwriters

    The Black List founder Franklin Leonard on how the company is partnering with Warner Bros. and Veerhuis Pictures to help unearth Australian screenwriting talent.

    18 Jul 2018
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • The Babadook to The Nightingale: festival release strategies

    Causeway Films producer Kristina Ceyton breaks down their tailored approach to film festival releases and the significance they can have.

    11 Jun 2019
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • Spotlight on kids’ TV

    Australian children’s TV continues to shine under pressure, whether that’s winning Emmys, selling internationally or launching careers.

    05 Nov 2021
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • Selling web series overseas

    Two producers. One from French production and distribution company Rockzeline and the other an experienced Australian all-rounder. Both break down their advice about taking original online content global.

    14 Feb 2018
    By Caris Bizzaca

    Many options for format rights to Australian shows have been sold abroad in the past five years, but that’s been the end of the road for the majority. Where production has occurred, very few have gone to a second series in the same territory, and generally that has to happen for there to be any chance of real upside.

    04 Nov 2015
    By Sandy George
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