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  • ‘What I know now’: directing China Love

    Photographer-turned-director Olivia Martin-McGuire on her debut documentary China Love and what she’s learnt for next time.

    26 Sep 2018
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • “I was politically motivated”: Darlene Johnson’s unlikely path to filmmaking

    After “falling into” the film industry, Darlene Johnson has used her platform to tell the kind of stories she never saw growing up Aboriginal in Australia.

    11 Sep 2018
    By Maria Lewis
  • 20 Australian creatives for International Women’s Day 2021

    To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day on 8 March, we’re shining the spotlight on 20 talented women in screen who you should look out for in 2021.

    03 Mar 2021
    By Georgia Hing
  • A Footscray fantasy

    YouTube star Michael Shanks has taken the leap to television with his pop-culture infused comedy The Wizards of Aus, and talks everything from orcs to an Australian Hot Fuzz.

    13 Jan 2016
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • A Modern Mutiny: Life on Norfolk

    Producer Jennifer Cummins felt the ground shifting while filming in A Modern Mutiny, as what was a character-driven story quickly took on a political edge.

    20 Apr 2016
    By Caris Bizzaca

    Never underestimate the intern. That’s one take-home message from Cleverman, the six part drama series that premieres at the Berlinale Film Festival before its ABC TV debut later this year.

    10 Feb 2016
    By Caroline Baum
  • A years’ worth of drama: Revolution School

    At high school, drama unfolds every single day. So imagine the challenge facing Revolution School series producer Alex West as he tried to fit the ups and downs of an entire school year into just four episodes.

    25 May 2016
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • Aaron Fa’Aoso: footy, producing and Indigenous stories

    He’s a familiar face on the big and small screen. Yet after a decade in the industry, Aaron Fa’Aoso is looking towards the future of Indigenous storytelling with single-minded focus.

    27 Aug 2018
    By Maria Lewis
  • Academy Award® winner Hilary Swank to star in sci-fi thriller I Am Mother

    Academy-Award® winning actress, Hilary Swank, will star in the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller I Am Mother.

    18 Oct 2017
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  • Actor Amberly Cull on comedy series DAFUQ?

    Three self-obsessed Gen Y journalists tackle hot topics with limited success but tonnes of laughs in comedy web series DAFUQ? on ABC iview.

    07 Apr 2016
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • ADG gives female directors a boost

    Eight women have been announced for directing mentorships at commercial production companies as part of the Australian Directors’ Guild’s Gender Matters initiative.

    15 Mar 2017
    By Caris Bizzaca
  • Advice from 8 leading TV writers

    Hear from Australian TV screenwriters at the top of their game including Sarah Lambert, Stephen McGregor, Mithila Gupta, Elise McCredie and more.

    15 Jan 2020
    By Caris Bizzaca
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