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After hearing of Mick Dundee's near-fatal brush with a giant crocodile in the Australian outback, New York reporter Sue Charlton entices Mick to New York where muggers, hookers and high society all fall victim to his Australian charm.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Peter Faiman
John Cornell  Paul Hogan  Ken Shadie
John Cornell
Dir. of Photography:
Russell Boyd
Peter Best
David Stiven
Production Designer:
Graham (Grace) Walker
Paul Hogan - John Meillon - Linda Kozlowski - David Gulpilil
Production Completion Date
Action adventure, Comedy
Production Company
Rimfire Films
International Sales
Paramount Home Entertainment  Paramount Pictures
Theatrical release
(South Africa)
1986/01/01 (Switzerland)
1986/04/24 (Australia)
TV release
1989/12/25 (United Kingdom)
1990/04/01 (France)
1990/11/21 (United States)
1992/01/31 (Spain)
1992/06/06 (New Zealand)
1993/06/21 (Italy)
1994/03/20 (Australia)
Online release
2014/09/29 (United Kingdom)
2015/03/24 (Australia)
Video release
1987/06/30 (Germany)
1987/08/01 (United States)
1987/09/24 (United Kingdom)
1987/11/01 (Australia)
Cable/Sat release
1988/08/27 (United States)
1988/12/31 (United Kingdom)
1991/11/25 (France)
1996/03/31 (Germany)

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