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Muriel, a contemporary Cinderella, is a shy young woman living in the seaside resort of Porpoise Spit, a suburban wonderland of shopping malls, marine parks and holiday homes where the excessive expectations of her friends and family cause her to take refuge in a dreamworld of Abba songs and the search for a Prince Charming who will rescue her from anonymity.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

P.J. Hogan
P.J. Hogan
Lynda House  Jocelyn Moorhouse
Dir. of Photography
Martin McGrath ASC
Peter Best
Jill Bilcock
Production Designer
Patrick Reardon
Toni Collette - Bill Hunter - Rachel Griffiths - Jeanie Drynan - Gennie Nevinson - Matt Day - Daniel Lapaine - Sophie Lee - Belinda Jarrett - Rosalind Hammond - Pippa Grandison - Chris Haywood - Annie Byron
Production Completion
Production Company
House And Moorhouse Films Pty Ltd

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Screen News

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