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Focus on games development businesses

Income and expenditure for businesses in the digital game development industry, 2006/07

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In 2006/07 there were 45 digital game development services businesses in Australia, generating a total income of $136.9 million with an operating profit margin of 6.2 per cent.

Income from the provision of digital game development services accounted for 85.4 per cent of total income, of which 79.1 per cent was received from overseas sources. Government funding contributed 1.2 per cent.

Operating profit before tax ($m) 8.5
Operating profit margin 6.2%
No. businesses at end June 45
Income ($m)
Provision of digital game development services to other businesses
Received from Australian resident businesses/individuals 8.6
Received from non-resident businesses/individuals 108.3
Government funding 1.7
Other1 18.3
Total income 136.9
Expenses ($m)
Labour costs 83.8
Payments to other businesses/contractors for digital game production services 11.2
Other2 33.5
Total expenses 128.5

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Digital Game Development Services Australia 2006/07 (cat. no. 8515.0).

Data is drawn from the first Service Industry Survey (SIS) of the digital game development industry by the ABS, published in 2008. Includes all Australian businesses that generated income predominantly from the development of digital games for a range of formats that includes, but is not limited to, major consoles, handheld computers, personal computers and mobile phones.
1. Any income not otherwise listed, including operating and non-operating income.
2. This item includes all other operating expenses not listed as a separate expense item, such as rent, leasing and hiring, travel, accommodation and entertainment, insurance premiums, interest, depreciation and amortisation.