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Historical data
Production activity

Value and share of production activity by film and video production and post-production services businesses, subscription TV channel providers and television broadcasters, 1993/94, 1996/97, 1999/00, 2002/03 and 2006/07

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The total value of audiovisual production activity in Australia during 2006/07 was estimated at $1,882.4 million, according to Service Industry Survey data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This is estimated from production costs incurred by film and video production and post-production services businesses, television broadcasters (both free-to-air and subscription) and subscription television channel providers. It includes television programs and commercials as well as feature films, short films, documentaries, corporate videos, educational programs, music videos and other types of production.

Film and video production and post-production businesses and subscription channel providers have accounted for between 35 and 62 per cent of this activity since 1993/94. In 2006/07 it was approximately 50 per cent ($945.9 million, with subscription channel providers contributing around $70 million of this in television program production).

Television programs and commercials are either created inhouse by broadcasters or externally by businesses that sell their product to the broadcasters. Overall, the share of inhouse production has decreased from 57 per cent of total production activity in 2002/03 to around 50 per cent in 2006/07. Broadcasters’ inhouse production accounted for just over 65 per cent of total production costs for programs made primarily for TV (down from around 71 per cent in 2002/03) but less than 20 per cent for commercials.