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Focus on games
Sources of Income

income by games format for businesses in the digital game development industry, 2006/07

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Income from the provision of digital game development services was $116.9 million in 2006/07. Games developed for console formats, such as PlayStation, Xbox and Wii, accounted for 71.1 per cent income, compared to 14.6 per cent for computer games.

Income from games for different formats

Graph: Income from digital game development for different game formats, 2006/07. Table following provides the data.
Value ($m) % share
Total 116.9 100%
Console 83.2 71.1%
Computer1 17.1 14.6%
Handheld 11.2 9.6%
Mobile and other2 5.4 4.7%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Digital Game Development Services Australia 2006/07 (cat. no. 8515.0).

Data is drawn from the first Service Industry Survey (SIS) of the digital game development industry by the ABS, published in 2008. Includes all Australian businesses that generated income predominantly from the development of digital games. Figures may not total exactly due to rounding.
1. This type of format refers to games developed for personal computers. This includes massively multi-player online role-playing games played on personal computers.
2. Mobile refers to titles developed for mobile phones and other personal devices such as palm pilots, where the primary use of the device is for mobile communication. Other refers to titles developed for DVD players or devices not specified elsewhere.