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Historical data
Production activity
by production type

Value and share, 1996/97, 1999/00, 2002/03 and 2006/07

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According to Service Industry Survey data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, news and current affairs was the top production category in 2006/07, as it has been for the past three surveys, accounting for 22 per cent of all production costs.

This was followed by light entertainment and variety at 16 per cent and sport at 14 per cent. Television drama (including situation and sketch comedy) was sixth highest, at 9 per cent of total production costs. Documentary production (both for television and other mediums) was valued at $44.6 million (around 2–3 per cent of the total).

Production activity is that of television broadcasters (both free-to-air and subscription) and subscription television content providers as well as businesses in the film and video production and post-production services industry. Historical comparisons are problematic as 2006/07 figures include significant non-employing businesses whereas previous years do not and the ABS revised some, but not all, 2002/03 data (see About the data).

Commercials production increased to $243.1 million in 2006/07, with non-broadcasters spending $111 million for the Australian market and $85 million for overseas.

Feature film production appears to have increased significantly to $183.8 million in 2006/07. This represents almost 10 per cent of total costs, almost double the 2002/03 share.

Production activity estimates for corporate/marketing/training videos more than doubled to $71.7 million. However, this increase is likely to be due to the change in survey scope as there was also a dramatic increase in the number of businesses undertaking this production from 254 (excluding non-employing units) to 454 (including non-employing units).