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Eligibility: Writers and works


It is a requirement that screenplays for all co-productions are credited to nationals of the co-producing countries. This means that non-party nationals cannot be screenwriters for official co-productions.

Non-credited writers

Subject to the terms of the relevant Arrangement and the agreement of all relevant Competent Authorities, a writer who is not a national or permanent resident of one of the co-producing countries can contribute to the screenplay, provided that the person is not credited as a writer of the screenplay (as that term is understood by the Australian Writers’ Guild or equivalent organisation).

This flexibility can only apply where the relevant co-production Arrangement permits it.

Underlying works

Note that we do not consider the creation of underlying works to be part of the project’s production, so there is no problem with non-party nationals being credited in such a manner as ‘story by’ or ‘based on the novel by’, for example. This means that you can option a work from outside the co-producing countries, including countries where there is no Arrangement in place.