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Each Arrangement specifies a minimum financial and creative contribution for each co-producer.

This is expressed as a proportion of the total finance plan and total creative contribution.

The minimum is either 20% or 30% for each co-producer depending on the particular Treaty or MOU in place (noting that the MOUs have unique provisions).

The minimum contribution for Canada, Italy and the UK is 30%.

The minimum contribution for China, India, Ireland, Israel, Korea*, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa is 20%.

The minimum contribution for Germany is 30%, but this can be reduced to 20%:

  • in exceptional circumstances, with the approval of the Competent Authorities, and
  • in the case of multipartite co-productions.

* The Korean Arrangement is unique as it is an Annex to the Korea-Australia Free-Trade Agreement. Further, the Korean arrangement indicates that the minimum contribution for animated television projects is 20% or ‘the percentage required under each Party’s relevant domestic regulatory or policy arrangements’, whichever is higher. There are no such arrangements in Australia, but your Korean co-producer should consult with the relevant Korean competent authority, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), to confirm the situation in Korea. Please note that there are two Competent Authorities in Korea: the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) is the Competent Authority for theatrical features (including documentaries and animation) and KCC is the Competent Authority for all broadcast content.

The NZ-Australian MOU does not specify a minimum contribution, but Screen Australia expects each co-producer should contribute a minimum 20% of the total finance plan. If a co-producer seeks to contribute less than 20%, you should contact the POCU.

The French-Australian MOU is unique. The minimum contribution of the Australian co-producer is 40%, but the minimum contribution for the French co-producer is 20%.