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Eligibility: Location of production

Generally speaking, each Arrangement includes a requirement that a co-production is entirely made in the co-producing countries

This means from commencement of pre-production to the striking of the masters, but does not include composing music for the film.

Generally, the Arrangements require the majority of the work to take place in the majority co-producer’s country. You must check the terms of the relevant Arrangement for the specific requirement.

Co-producers may seek the Competent Authorities’ approval to undertake location filming in a non-party country (for drama and documentaries). Generally, this would be approved only where the setting or subject matter requires the use of a specific location. This does not apply to animated projects, as animations are produced in a studio and are not dependent on a physical filming location to achieve their ‘on-screen setting’.

Music composition can be undertaken anywhere, but the nationality of the composer is governed by the same rules as the nationalities of all other personnel (i.e. the composer must be a national or resident of the co-producing countries).