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Funding Approvals
2023-2024 Production funding

January 2024

Majella Productions PTY LTD
Writer/Director James J. Robinson
Producers Gabrielle Pearson, Jane Pe Aguirre, Christelle Dychangco
Executive Producers Virginia Whitwell, Nick Batzias
Distributor Bonsai Films
International Sales Independent Entertainment
Synopsis In the remote mountains above the Philippines, an elderly nun finds herself at a spiritual crossroads after witnessing the untimely death of a young construction worker.

November 2023

Tama Films Pty Ltd
Director Cathy Randall
Writer Meg Shields
Producer Miriam Stein
Distributor Icon Film Distribution
International Sales Parkland Pictures
Synopsis When Lucy (10) is banned from competing in regional athletic trials, she protests by entering the first kids’ team in an outback marathon race, the Red Rock Run.

Closer Films Pty Ltd
 Comedy, Drama
Director Sophie Hyde
Writers Sophie Hyde, Matthew Cormack
Producers Liam Heyen, Marleen Slot, Sophie Hyde, Bryan Mason
Co-Producer Cyna Strachan
Executive Producer Sue Maslin AO, Aud Mason-Hyde, Troy Lum, Ester Harding, Michael Agar
Distributor Kismet, The Unquiet Collective
International Sales Protagonist Pictures, CAA
Synopsis Film director Hannah and her non-binary teenager Frances travel to Amsterdam to visit Frances' beloved gay grandfather Jim ("Jim-pa"). When Frances yearns to stay with Jim for their final year of school, Hannah must reconsider her beliefs about parenting and confront old stories about her relationship with her father.

October 2023

Tracking Films Pty Ltd
 Comedy, Drama, Crime
Director Jonathan Teplitzky
Writer Chris Nyst
Producers Greg Duffy, Trish Lake, Felicity McVay, David Wenham
Consultants Faramarz K-Rahber, Sofya Gollan
Distributor Transmission Films
International Sales Moviehouse Entertainment
Synopsis In the sequel to the award-winning crime comedy, Gettin’ Square, ex-junkie John Spitieri returns to Australia, only to find himself locked up in an Immigration Detention Centre with a massive target on his back, as old enemies come looking for him, determined to settle old scores.

Truce Films Pty Ltd and GoodThing Productions
Director Nicholas Clifford
Writers Alice Foulcher, Gregory Erdstein
Producers Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell, Jim Wright, Elise Trenorden
Distributor Madman Entertainment
International Sales TBA 
Synopsis New Year’s Eve, 1999. Minnie discovers a bottle of time travelling tequila. Each shot takes her back to the start of the night, giving her a bottle’s worth of shots to change the course of her millennium.

September 2023

Cultivator Films Australia Pty Ltd
 Comedy, Drama, Family
Director Kate Woods
Writer Harry Cripps
Additional Writing Melina Marchetta
Producers David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin, Rachel Clements, Trisha Morton-Thomas
Executive Producers Anna Marsh, Ron Halpern, Elizabeth Trotman, Marcus Gillezeau, Louise Smith, Marian Macgowan
Distributor STUDIOCANAL Pty Ltd
International Sales STUDIOCANAL International
Synopsis Kangaroo is a heart-warming family comedy about ex-tv personality, Chris Masterson, who becomes stranded in an Outback town after a car accident on his way to Broome. There, he teams up with 11-year-old Indigenous girl Charlie. The pair form an unlikely friendship and work together to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned joeys in the remote but stunning Outback community. An endeavour that proves to be life-changing for them both.

August 2023

Pop Family Entertainment Pty Ltd
 Thriller, Dramatic Thriller
Director Kriv Stenders
Writer Peter Duncan
Producer Carmel Travers
Distributor Maslow Entertainment
International Sales Moviehouse Entertainment
Synopsis When journalist, Peter Greste, is arrested in Cairo and accused of terrorism, he knows he’s a pawn in the middle of a deadly game full of corrupt officials and ancient rivalries. Plunged into an inexplicable nightmare with only his wits keeping him alive, Greste’s survival means staring down a powerful regime.

Penguin Empire Films Pty Ltd
 Drama, Horror, Thriller
Writer/Director Zak Hilditch
Producers Kelvin Munro, Grant Sputore, Ross Dinerstein
Distributor Umbrella
International Sales NEON
Synopsis With her husband missing in the aftermath of a catastrophic military experiment, a desperate woman joins a "body retrieval unit” in the hopes of finding him alive. But her search takes a chilling turn when the corpses she’s burying start showing signs of life.

Carolyn Johnson Films and Sixty Four Sixty 
Writer/Director Kelly Schilling
Producers Su Armstrong, Caro Johnson
Distributor Icon Films
International Sales Level K
Synopsis A daughter, a mother, and a stranger from another land are thrown together on an unexpected road trip.

West Coast Visions 2023

Lake Martin Films
 Horror, Thriller
Writer/Director Miley Tunnecliffe
Producer Kate Separovich
Distributor Icon
International Sales TBA
Synopsis A former addict rekindles a past romance, awakening painful memories and a terrifying demon determined to possess her.