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Enterprise people

The Enterprise People fund is currently on hiatus and is being reviewed. More information here.


Supporting documents


The aims of Enterprise People are to:

  • Support individuals to take advantage of development opportunities and build sustainable creative screen careers.
  • Share information and experience between industry participants to build capability.
  • Promote the business opportunities and commercial benefits of gender equity, diversity and inclusion.


The program recognises the freelance nature of much of the Australian screen industry and will provide support with career placements, mentorships, career consultations or any other relevant professional development opportunity. Placements can be either full-time or part-time.

  • Maximum $70,000 per year for up to two years for local career placements and up to one year for international career placements. Part-time placements will be paid pro-rata.
  • Maximum $20,000 for creative career development including consultations (up to $5,000), mentorships (up to $5,000) and/or other professional development opportunities (up to $10,000).


  • Enterprise People is for established and emerging creative professionals in any creative role who are at a stage in their career to be able to take advantage of a placement or professional development opportunity.
  • In recognition of the barriers that have faced underrepresented communities finding professional pathways into the screen sector, Screen Australia will also consider applicants who do not have formal industry experience but who can evidence the relevant skills and potential in order to take advantage of career and leadership opportunities.


Applications close 5pm Thursday 30 September 2021 via the online application portal.

There is a one-stage process for assessment with normally an eight-ten week turnaround for decisions.  Decisions on time sensitive Placement and Career Development opportunities may be expedited under exceptional circumstances.

Materials include: 

  • an application form and a maximum four-minute video pitch or three-page written pitch 
  • applicant CV 
  • a letter of support from an industry leader
  • a letter of support from the host company or mentor (as applicable)

Application and assessment process

Applications can be submitted at any time. That means you can apply when you are ready with a strong, well thought through, competitive application.

You can apply for multiple elements concurrently.

An applicant who is submitting an Enterprise Business & Ideas application may also apply for Enterprise People.

The questions on the application form are designed not only to provide information for the assessors, but to get you to think about the aims and assessment criteria of the program. Please also refer to the application form for guidance on what the pitch should include.

Applications will be assessed by Screen Australia executives and/or external industry specialists as required. While there is no eligibility criteria other than meeting Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade, applications will be assessed against the aims and assessment criteria of the program.  Funding is not limited to particular genres of filmmaking or platforms.

All applicants will be assessed on merit against the aims of the program and the criteria below.  You may be asked to attend an interview as part of the assessment process.

Assesment criteria:

Career Placements

  • How does the applicant and placement reflect the aims of the program?
  • Why is the applicant at a stage of their career in terms of experience and success to be able to take advantage of the career placement opportunity; and/or, how does the applicant evidence the relevant skills and potential to be able to take advantage of the career placement opportunity?
  • How does the proposal provide a convincing template for career development, experience, growth and, for local placements, potential ongoing employment?
  • Does the company demonstrate the kind of culture and capacity that will provide an effective professional development opportunity?

Career placements are for local and international placements in any position. It may be for an emerging practitioner wanting to build skills, experience and credits; or, an experienced practitioner wanting to diversify and build skills in another area. For example, an experienced TV writer may wish to build their hands-on producing skills in order to develop into a showrunner, or a documentary producer may want to build their experience in drama production. 

We are also aiming to place people from under-represented sectors of the community into positions that can enhance their leadership opportunities. Career placements will also offer a part-time paid pro-rata option, in order to support people who may be carers or have other responsibilities.

Creative Career Development

  • How does the applicant and the opportunity reflect the aims of the program?
  • Why is the applicant at a stage of their career in terms of experience and success to be able to take advantage of the career development opportunity; and/or, how does the applicant evidence the relevant skills and potential to be able to take advantage of the career development opportunity?
  • How does the proposal present a strategic opportunity for the applicant at this time in their career?
  • How will the proposal benefit the applicant’s career and the Australian screen industry more broadly?

Targeted Placement Initiatives 

From time to time, Screen Australia will offer specific callouts for Targeted Placement Initiatives which will also be run through Enterprise People. For example, Screen Australia has previously partnered with international companies such as Lin Pictures, Scott Free and FilmNation in order to deliver high level international professional placements.  Past recipients of Enterprise People are also eligible to apply.  Please sign up to the Screen Australia newsletter for announcements.

Decisions and funding

Recommendations will be made to an internal committee comprised of the Screen Australia CEO, COO and Head of Content.  Final decisions will be made through this committee.

We aim to make the application and assessment processes as transparent as possible, but given the volume of applications we receive, we do not have the resources to provide extensive feedback on each proposal.

If you are successful, you will need to enter into a Screen Australia grant agreement with specific non-negotiable core conditions.

Funding will be in the form of a grant.


  • For consultants or mentors: 50% on entering into a grant agreement and 50% upon completion of the activity. 
  • For career placements and other development opportunities, drawdowns will be split according to the length of the placement or development opportunity.

Screen Australia will consider alternative drawdown allocations in special circumstances.

See the FAQs for further information.

For any questions, please contact Program Operations on 1800 507 901 or via email [email protected].