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Funding Approvals
2017–2018 Online production

Online Production | Fresh Blood | Skip Ahead

Online Production

VR Wallworth Pty Ltd
Producers Lynette Wallworth, Nicole Newnham, Tashka Yawanawa (co-producer), Laura Yawanawa (co-producer)
Executive Producers Sandy Herz, Marcie Jastrow, Gigi Pritzker, Nico Daswani
Director / Writer Lynette Wallworth
Synopsis For the Yawanawa, an indigenous Amazonian people, each living thing has a spirit. Using technology that the Yawanawa feel enables them to share their visions, this immersive work allows the viewer to enter the spirit world seen by their elder shaman Tata, and his disciple Hushahu--the Yawanawa’s first female shaman.

Deadrock Media Pty Ltd
Fantasy thriller
Producers Christopher Seeto, Tom Pope
Executive Producers Enzo Tedeschi, Antoine Disle, Tess Meyer, George Kacevski
Director / Writer Nik Kacevski
Platform Blackpills                         
International Sales Rockzeline
Synopsis A small town crook and an immortal woman must cure the curse of her eternal life to end a violent turf war that threatens to destroy them both.

2 x 20 min, 1 x 8 min
Ruby Entertainment Pty Ltd & Robot Army
Genre Comedy
Producers Stephen Luby, Mark Ruse, Stu Ross
Director / Writer Ryan Chamley
Platform YouTube
Synopsis A place where dreams go to die and the customer is always a jerk.

6 x 26 min
Genre Comedy
Producer Chloe Rickard
Executive Producer Jason Burrows
Directors Trent O’Donnell, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren, Cate Stewart, Amanda Brotchie
Writers Adam Zwar, Adele Vuko, Ben Crisp, Sarah Scheller, Lally Katz, Leon Ford
Platform ABC1
Synopsis Squinters is a 6 x half hour narrative comedy series, created by Trent O’Donnell and Adam Zwar, that celebrates the mundane ritual that is the work commute. The show follows a group of workers stuck in their cars each morning and afternoon as they crawl along the M4 with the sun in their eyes.   

10 x 10 min
Cobbstar Productions & Blacksheep Films
Genre Coming-of-age, Horror
Producer Chris Thompson
Executive Producer Brian Cobb, Mathieu Van de Velde
Director / Writer Blake Fraser
Platform OTT Made for Mobile
Distributor Blackpills
Synopsis Patricia Moore, 16, hunts to feed her cannibal family when they are hungry. When she meets Toby who ignites her desire to live a normal teenage life, Patricia is challenged by the family's number one rule... Never fall in love with the food!


30 mins
Creators Becky Lucas, Cameron James 
Synopsis A mockumentary series that dips into the lives and struggles of several desperate couples that are living the Australian Dream – to be your own boss. 

30 mins
Creators Michael Cusack 
Synopsis Koala Man is about a local suburban superhero with no special powers but a strong and burning passion to snuff out petty crime and bring order to the community.

30 mins
Producer Craig Anderson
Creators Nina Oyama and Angus Thompson  
Synopsis Angus, a hard partying guy with cerebral palsy and his reckless carer Erika, get up to no good in a conservative country town. 

30 mins
Creators Naomi Higgins, Mark Samual Bonanno, Humyara Mahbub 
Synopsis Why Are You Like This is a sharp, dialogue driven comedy that is unforgivingly harsh. Best friends Penny and Mia inadvertently dissect the dark side of human nature - premises that are often taboo - all the while blissfully ignorant of how many people they upset.  

Skip Ahead

You Tube channel: Study with Jess 
Format 6 x 5 mins
Genre Drama, Family, Comedy
Creators Jessica Holsman (p/w), Laura Clelland (p/d/w), Sandra Makaresz (p/w), Elle Croxford (p/w)
Synopsis YouTube creator Jess (Study with Jess) answers questions from her Jessicats - revisiting her high school experience, Jess finds their problems aren’t so different from her own teenage years.

YouTube Channel Van Vuuren Bros 
Format 6 x 5mins
Genre Comedy, Sitcom, Apocalyptic
Creators Connor Van Vuuren (d), Christiaan van Vuuren (w), Adele Vuko (w)
Synopsis Two new parents struggle to survive the age old trials and tribulations of raising babies… Oh yeah… Whilst being smack bang in the middle of the Post-Apocalypse.

You Tube channel: Timtimfed 
Format 20min 
Genre Comedy, Drama 
Creators Chris Hocking (p), Michael Shanks (w/d)
Synopsis In an industry obsessed with the superficial, it’s not easy being an ageing movie star. It’s especially challenging, however, when you’re also a claymated skeleton monster. A stop motion horror from the days of Ray Harryhausen, out-of-date-visual-effect Phil just can’t seem to book any gigs in 2017. The short film will be produced by LateNite Films.

YouTube channel: Skit Box 
Format 22mins
Genre Comedy
Creators Sarah Bishop (p/d/w), Adele Vuko (p/d/w), Greta Lee Jackson (p/d/w)
Synopsis A comedy narrative series pilot navigating the world of ‘Skit Box’; an all-female sketch group that formed when three girls who couldn’t get their shit together independently, joined forces to make it together as a group.

WENGIE PILOT (working title)
YouTube channel: Wengie 
Format 15mins
Genre Comedy, Drama
Creators Wengie with Paul Walton (p), Mike Cowap (p), and Matthew McKenna (w)
Synopsis A comedy drama series for teenagers set in a high school for people with super powers. The pilot will be produced by Princess Pictures. 

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