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Advice from Isolation: Learn from industry experts

If you’re learning in isolation, we’ve put together a list of some Screen News resources to get you started.

Maybe you’re looking for some tips and tricks? Advice from your favourite producers/directors/writers? Or perhaps you want to take a deep dive into meatier things like finance plans, budgets and how to apply for funding? If that’s a yes, then look no further. 

We’ve compiled a collection of previous podcasts, articles and videos for the first part of our series ‘Advice from Isolation’, where over the coming weeks members of the Australian screen sector will be sharing their firsthand experiences and career learnings while we #StayHome to help combat COVID-19. Hear from actor and The Show Must Go On documentary-maker Ben Steel here and subscribe to Screen Australia’s newsletter for new additions to the series.

written: advice from 8 leading tv writers 

Hear from eight of Australia’s leading TV writers as they share their tips. Screenwriters include: Tamara Asmar, Belinda Chayko, Matthew Cormack, Jonathan Gavin, Mithila Gupta, Sarah Lambert, Elise McCredie and Steven McGregor.

video: All about Trailers

Learn the dos and don’ts of making a trailer with The Solid State founder and creative director Walter Bienz.

PODCAST: distribution 101

Screen Australia Distribution Manager Anthony Grundy provides an introduction to understanding the world of distribution: how it works, challenges in the landscape, advice for Australian filmmakers and more.

PODCAST: Andrew Mackie: Transmission Films

Hear from joint managing director of Transmission Films, Andrew Mackie, with advice for filmmakers on distribution, strategies, what makes a great pitch, why everything is geared toward opening weekend and more.

If you're a beginner or emerging creative, we suggest listening to Distribution 101 first.

WRITTEN: Hollywood is a Strategy Game. Learn How to Play It

Peter RitchiePeter Ritchie

Executive Director of Australians in Film, Peter Ritchie, with advice for working and succeeding in Hollywood.

Video: Cinematography with Stefan Duscio ACS

Leading Australian cinematographer Stefan Duscio ACS delves into his role, the films he’s worked on, provides some tips for budding cinematographers and discusses how he collaborates with directors to achieve specific visual styles. 

PODCAST: Everything You Need to Know About Online Funding

Investment managers Lee Naimo and Alyce Adams dish out all their tips when it comes to applying for online funding at Screen Australia.

Written: Recoupment vs Profit

In this guide for beginners, learn the differences between budget, profit and recoupment, and find out when creators start making money.

Podcast: Plotting and writing 30 episodes of TV

The Heights season 2 script producer Romina Accurso and script editor Hannah Carroll Chapman on writers’ rooms, their own writing process, lessons they’ve learned and practical advice.

Written: Five directing lessons from Garth Davis

Director Garth Davis reveals some of the camera decisions, lighting choices and specific techniques he used to create feature films Mary Magdalene and Lion and gives his advice on working with actors and trusting your gut.

Podcast: Makers of Netflix’s Special on Digital Originals

Ryan O'Connell and Anna DokozaRyan O'Connell and Anna Dokoza

Writer and story editor Ryan O’Connell and director and executive producer Anna Dokoza generously detail their experience and tips on short-form content, Netflix, diversity in the screen industry and more.

Written: Every Cloud: Making a Franchise with Miss Fisher

Hear from the duo behind cult favourite Miss Fisher - executive producers Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox - on turning a book series into a franchise, the importance of an international fan base, crowdfunding, script producing and the journey from TV to film.

Podcast: Niki Aken on writing TV in Australia

Niki AkenNiki Aken

Niki Aken breaks down different roles for Aussie TV screenwriters, shares her experience co-writing The Hunting and provides tips for writers starting out.

Written: Luke Davies: Treatments, Process, and post-Lion

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Luke Davies on his approach to writing, embarking on new projects, collaborating and tips for screenwriters.

Video: Making documentary in Australia

In this video series we spoke to six documentary makers at varying stages of their career about the realities of making content in Australia.

Podcast: Documentary Funding

Screen Australia’s Head of Documentary Bernadine Lim on applying for funding. She chats criteria, types of funding available and how the agency assesses applications.

Written: the babadook to the nightingale: festival release strategies

Causeway Films producer Kristina Ceyton talks festival release strategies - from sales agents and markets, to influences on festival selection, messaging and more.

Video: Production design with Sam Hobbs

Sam Hobbs gives an in-depth look into the role of a production designer and discusses the kinds of creative choices that must be made and the importance of thinking about production design as a team.

Podcast: Budgets

Screen Australia Project Manager Kelly Vincent provides invaluable insight as she walks us through the ins and outs of creating a strong application with an accurate budget.

Written: Blackfella Films: Total Control and stories that resonate

Rachel Perkins, John Martin and Darren Dale on the set of Total ControlRachel Perkins, John Martin and Darren Dale on the set of Total Control. Photo credit: John Platt.

Producer Darren Dale from Blackfella Films on making TV that matters, documentary versus drama, and advice for emerging producers.

Video: Producing Australian TV Part 2: Alastair McKinnon Top Tips

Managing Director of Matchbox Pictures Alastair McKinnon shares his thoughts for creative producers - from development through to pitching.

Podcast: Producer Offset

Michele Mcdonald, Senior Manager of Screen Australia’s Producer Offset and Co-Production Unit (POCU), gives expert advice on the Producer Offset – the tax rebate for Australian content. If you’re in need of a refresher, want a better understanding of screen incentives or are thinking of applying for the offset, then this episode is for you.

Video: 10 Pro Tips for Filmmakers

Leading Australian screen practitioners across features, TV, documentary and online (including Jo Porter, Garth Davis and Scott Hicks) reveal what they’ve learned over the years through 10 key pieces of advice.

Written: Resilience, Collaboration and Inspiration in the Writers’ Room

Screenwriters Sarah Walker, Jane Allen and Malcolm Knox offer insights from television writers’ rooms.

Podcast: Finance Plans explained

What you need to know about ‘the bible’ of all screen productions: the finance plan. Screen Australia Senior Investment Manager Shana Levine has all your questions covered, from investors to types of finance and the trends we’re seeing in deals at the moment.

Written: Selling Aussie TV overseas

Producer Jo Porter discusses selling TV overseas and talks of the importance of authentic storytelling and standing out in unique ways.

To find out more about what Screen Australia does and how creators can access funding and resources, check out Screen Australia for Beginners.