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The Next Step series

Needing advice on taking the next step in your screen career? These five talented creatives share their thoughts.

Headshots of Alex White, Neil Sharma and Kacie Anning from their video interviewsAlex White, Neil Sharma, Kacie Anning

Making the transition from short films and web series to long form content can be a tricky proposition. ‘The Next Step’ video series features five creatives who share advice and experiences on how to navigate this and what to expect when you step on set.

Neil Sharma recalls his journey from production runner, through the ranks of assistant directing to directing an episode of The Unlisted.

Alex White explains the time and patience required in order to be a producer and go from short films to her first feature, Babyteeth.

Lucy Gaffy eloquently shares her ten-year journey from writing and directing short films through to director’s attachments and helming episodes of broadcast television drama Doctor Doctor.

Kacie Anning gives a frank account of her short film days and how she found the right medium for her in web series before going on to direct television in Australia and the USA.

Hunter Page-Lochard reveals the challenges he faced when he began his transition from acting to directing short films and children’s television show, Thalu.

Click the links below to watch each of the episodes.