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2067: scene breakdown

Writer/director Seth Larney explains his process behind the ‘school sequence’ from his feature film, 2067.

In this new ‘scene breakdown’ series, filmmakers talk about their creative process and provide a unique insight into the making of a scene from their film or series.

The video is heavy on the spoilers so before you watch this scene breakdown, make sure you watch 2067 first, which is available to stream on Netflix

In this first episode, writer/director Seth Larney discusses the ‘school sequence’ from his film, 2067. He speaks about the production design and how it reflects the emotional conflict between the two main characters, as well as choices around editing, camera angles, blocking, the score and even tiny details that are in the far background that help convey the subtext of the scene.

Larney also gives detailed accounts of the time it took to film the scene and the challenges he faced during production.