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Tag: interview

    • Producing Australian TV

      Managing Director of Matchbox Pictures Alastair McKinnon, discusses the opportunities and issues surrounding the production of television within Australia and how Matchbox has succeeded.

      18 Oct 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Podcast – Alastair McKinnon: Matchbox Pictures

      Learn how much time projects take to develop, how to find the right ‘home’ to pitch to, pitching tips, and more.

      16 Oct 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Parked: behind the scenes

      YouTube sensation Wengie, director Michael Shanks and producer Mike Cowap give an inside view into the creation of Parked.

      16 Oct 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Australia at TIFF 2019

      Get a glimpse at what’s happening on the ground this year at the Toronto International Film Festival.

      13 Sep 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • I Am Woman: TIFF 2019

      The director and team behind highly-anticipated Helen Reddy biopic I Am Woman speak from the world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

      11 Sep 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Animals: behind the scenes

      Animals director/producer Sophie Hyde describes the process of adapting Emma Jane Unsworth’s novel of the same name to the screen.

      11 Sep 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Australian Female Filmmakers

      We shine a spotlight on the careers of top Australian writers, directors, and producers.

      23 Aug 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • I Am Mother: behind the scenes

      Director Grant Sputore on how he brought his feature film debut I Am Mother to life.

      26 Jun 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Podcast – Kristina Ceyton: Causeway Films

      Producer Kristina Ceyton on what stories resonate with Causeway Films and their approach to film festivals.

      12 Jun 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
    • Skit Box: behind the scenes

      Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop & Greta Lee Jackson - otherwise known as the comedy group Skit Box - discuss the release of their self-titled web-series.

      12 Jun 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • 2040: behind the scenes

      Writer/Director Damon Gameau sits down with Screen News to discuss the making of his new documentary 2040, from scripting to working with animation and creating buzz and interest through social impact campaigns.

      22 May 2019
      By Scott Gillies
    • Women below the line - Appendix

      The raw data and a collection of female-focused content for further reading.

      15 May 2019
      By Caris Bizzaca
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