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2006/07 | 2002/03

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Survey, off-set staff, including pre- and post-production staff, made up the bulk of the PDV sector in 2006/07 (49.4 per cent) with animation, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects technicians making up a further 16.5 per cent.

About one-quarter of employees in PDV businesses were in managerial, administrative or clerical roles. In 2002/03, it had been almost half; however, comparisons between years are difficult due to changes in the survey's scope and methodology. In 2006/07, the ABS changed the way it classified occupational roles and no longer measured roles by gender. It also included, for the first time, working proprietors and partners of significant non-employing businesses (i.e. those with an annual turnover of at least $70,000), accounting for 5.6 per cent of the national employment total.