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Scene Breakdown series

From revealing creative insights to navigating on-set challenges, some of Australia’s top filmmakers explain their process behind the making of key scenes from a film or TV series.

Headshots of Seth Larney, Jennifer Leacey, Kiah Roache-Turner.Seth Larney, Jennifer Leacey, Kiah Roache-Turner

Ever wondered how and why creatives make the decisions behind their films or TV series? The Scene Breakdown video series sheds light on the filmmaking process and features creatives who share their processes and obstacles they had to overcome in order to realise their vision.

Seth Larney discusses the ‘school sequence’ from his film, 2067. He speaks about the production design and how it reflects the emotional conflict between the two main characters, editing choices, camera angles, blocking, the score and even tiny details that are in the far background that helps convey the subtext of the scene.

Jennifer Leacey gives an in-depth explanation on production design, giving specific notes to the cast and the perils of working with newborn babies on the TV series The Secrets She Keeps.

Kiah Roache-Turner gives detailed accounts of the astonishing amount of set ups he and his crew achieved on the day of filming the scene for Wyrmwood: Apocalypse and how he had to abandon his planned story boards and be adaptable on set.

Blake Ayshford describes how a scene breakdown is used in the television industry, the importance of the document to constantly refer back to and how the script transformed from page to screen during the production of Mystery Road, season two.

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