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France | Television

9 April 2018
12 April 2018

MIPTV is a global market for entertainment content across all platforms, held every April at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France.

MIPTV is also the forum for a conference that is programmed to respond to industry developments and directions. This year’s program, The New Frontiers of Storytelling, asks the question - with the rise of new ways to consume and deliver content - has storytelling changed?

This year there will also be a VR forum aimed to educate producers, distributors, creators, broadcasters and brands in the production of high quality VR content and develop a market for international licensing.


MIPTV is held in the Palais des Festivals, Cannes during March–April each year and runs for six days. Traditionally the biggest and the strongest of the television markets, MIPTV has evolved as the development deal market where programs are pre-sold to international broadcasters. Sales on completed programs have always been good with major buyer interest in television features, telemovies and mini-series, children's programs and general interest documentaries.

This market is most appropriate for experienced producers seeking pre-sale and development deals. The market attracts the most important European and American broadcasters. For those who are well-prepared, have organised meetings in advance, and have researched the appropriate people to approach, it can be extremely effective. For the documentary producer with a single documentary to sell, MIPTV can be a very frustrating and unproductive experience. The majority of potential buyers are actively working the market as sellers, the demand for one-off documentaries is limited, the lack of a product catalogue can make selling one film extremely difficult, and at a market as high-powered as this, the major buyers are looking to develop long-term relationships with regular suppliers.

Attendee tips

  • "Stay close to the Palais, as it is so important to be able to dart back and forth from your hotel and have the spontaneity to accept drinks and dinner invitations."
  • "It’s good practice to follow up every meeting with an email on return. Don’t expect to walk away with deals – follow up."
  • "The market remains very receptive to Australian programs in both children’s and adult genres."
  • "It is very difficult to attract international distribution for anything unless it has marquee cast. Co-productions continue to be the main focus."
  • "By targeting six to eight quality meetings I was able to spend time considering, preparing and following up. It’s a much better market strategy than exhausting oneself on too many unprofitable meetings and then arriving home exhausted and wondering whether it had all happened."
  • "Get there a day early. The first three days of the market are the most important."
  • "Know who you’re pitching to. Keep your dignity."
  • "Don’t have long videos to show people – 3 minutes max."

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