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Enterprise people

Note on the Enterprise Program:

The Enterprise program is currently under review and Screen Australia is aiming to have new guidelines available in the last quarter of 2018.

Out of round applications for Enterprise People will still be accepted. Enterprise Ideas applications are not being accepted at this time.

Please ensure you are registered for the Screen Australia newsletter for future notifications of funding program updates.

In all circumstances you should direct your enquiries to the Program Operations department on 1800 507 901.

Bespoke proposals that build the capacity of individuals and companies.

Enterprise People provides funding to support a practitioner’s career development and/or a company’s business development needs.

The program prioritises targeted support for individual careers in recognition of the contribution that outcomes such as skills transfer, professional renewal, training and capacity building can make to broader industry development objectives.

For practitioners, the Enterprise People program is open to key creatives – writers, directors, and producers – from early-mid career through to advanced career stage, and can be tailored to suit their particular needs, skills gaps and career advancement pathways.

For companies, Enterprise People offers the opportunity to place a person for example, a Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive, Digital Strategist, Development Executive, etc in that company for a sustained period of time in order to allow that company to make a significant shift in its business operations.

Enterprise People also provides an opportunity for talented Australians from a diversity of backgrounds to advance their careers. We encourage submissions from applicants who may be female, non-Anglo- Celtic and LGBTQI and/or be located in non-metro areas, and/or who have a disability. By actively intervening in this manner, Screen Australia will be investing in a new generation of screen practitioners with a passion to tell stories that reflect the rich diversity of Australia’s lived experience.

What funding is available?

Up to $70,000 per year for a maximum of two years, for one, or more of the below:

  • Towards the full time salary of one early - mid career creative talent to work with experienced practitioners in the applicant company, and nominated mentor(s), within the structures of an established company, or on a specific project, resulting in a screen credit as Producer, Director or Writer and on-going employment at the conclusion of Screen Australia funding
  • Towards the salary of a full time position in the applicant company to strategically build the capacity of the company - for example, a Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive, Digital Strategist, Development Executive etc - optimally resulting in on-going employment by the company at the conclusion of Screen Australia funding
  • To support experienced individuals from established companies with a bespoke high level career development plan designed to significantly advance their career. This could include a combination of international or domestic placements, workshop or lab attendance and unique or tailored work experiences
  • High Level Industry Attachments and Placements will be considered on a case-by-case basis in exceptional circumstances outside of the Enterprise People round. This may include attachments or placements previously offered through the Talent+ program. Specific funding amounts will be determined by Screen Australia.

Who can apply?

Applications must be made by an individual who:

  • Is a Director of a company which is incorporated and carrying on business in Australia. Note: You may apply as a sole trader but an incorporated company will be required if you are successful
  • Meets the General Eligibility requirements set out in Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade
  • Has a minimum of five years’ relevant participation in the screen industry
  • For High Level Individual Attachments and Placements out of round only, the applicant can be a producer, director, writer, script editor, script consultant or development executive and will be expected to have:
  • at least one relevant credit in their role on at least one project that has been:
  • selected to screen in competition at the following major international film festivals: Berlin, Busan, Cannes (including Directors Fortnight and Critics Week), Clermont-Ferrand, Critics Week Cannes, Hot Docs, IDFA, Sitges, Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, or Venice; OR
  • have received an Academy Award nomination or AACTA award nomination for best short film including fiction, non-fiction, Indigenous and animation, best director or best screenplay, or
  • received funding through Screen Australia’s development or production programs

Only one application per company is eligible to apply

Applicant Companies who have received funding through previous Enterprise programs are eligible to apply if they have completed their funding agreement. Please note, placements that have been previously supported through Enterprise People or Brilliant Careers are not eligible to apply for an early career placement again.

In addition, the nominated placement, if applicable, cannot be already employed by the Applicant Company unless there is a substantiating rationale for the use of Screen Australia funding.

What is the process?

You must apply using the Application Portal available on the Screen Australia website by the nominated deadline. No extensions will be granted. As part of your application, you will need to submit:

  • A proposal (maximum five single sided pages) that includes:
  • An outline of achievements as well as creative and career goals as an individual, or company
  • A brief history of your company and a description of its present position in the industry and what the placement will bring to your company
  • A detailed development plan – including a budget which breaks down the Screen Australia contribution as well as the company/alternative sources of finance, schedule and timeline, and where relevant information about the nominated candidate and their position
  • key performance indicators (KPIs) appropriate to your proposal
  • A current ASIC company extract (no more than three months old)
  • Where relevant confirmation and information from any participating companies or individuals e.g. host company, mentor, workshop, lab or potential project opportunity.

For High Level Individual Attachments and Placements out of round, you must discuss your application with the Manager, Enterprise and Industry. Applications are Invitation only and will be considered in consultation with the appropriate Screen Australia Executive from Screen Australia’s development, documentary, Indigenous or online production executive to. Contact Program Operations if you are unsure who to speak with: 1800 507 901 or email Enterprise.

Applications will be considered by Screen Australia executives and/or Industry Specialists as required.

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following equally weighted criteria:

  • The suitability of the proposed candidate based on their track record and achievements to date as well as their commitment and demonstrated potential for development
  • The strength of the company’s one- or two-year development plan for the candidate and business including opportunities for business and/or skills development, nominated mentor(s), workshop or lab attendance benefits, screen credits and/or ongoing employment

Other factors, including availability of funds, the range of proposals and the gender and diversity of the applicants will also be taken into account.

Decisions on applications are final. Screen Australia will advise applicants in writing of the outcome of their application.

Terms of funding

Funding will be provided as a grant.

Progress against agreed KPIs will be reviewed on a regular basis, and ongoing payments under the Enterprise Agreement will be subject to satisfactory performance and reporting. In addition, in order for Screen Australia to report against KPIs, early-career placements will be required to complete an ‘exit’ survey when their placement is complete.

As set out in its Terms of Trade, Screen Australia requires all successful applicants to act fairly and reasonably towards all third parties participating in their projects.

Successful applicants to Enterprise People will be eligible to apply for other forms of Screen Australia funding, including Enterprise Ideas. However, Screen Australia may not prioritise applications for other programs where the funding is for similar activities or initiatives to those supported under this program.

Funding recipients and placements may be asked to provide material for case studies, program evaluation and/or participate in seminars or workshops to share their knowledge and experience.

Funded recipients of early-mid career development placement funds must enter into an employment agreement with the placement under which the Enterprise grant is provided directly to the placement. Superannuation will not be funded by the Enterprise grant and is the responsibility of the funded company.

Contact Program Operations: We encourage you to contact the Program Operations team before you submit your application to discuss any eligibility questions and ensure all the required supporting material is in place. This will mean we can process your application as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Program Operations: 1800 507 901 or email Enterprise.